This site will explore some literary background on Proust, but will mainly focus on introducing the reader to Proust's style of writing. I will relate his writing to some of the things we are learning in Hypertext Class as well as experiment with my own writing.

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Thursday, April 28, 2005

A Writer's Thoughts on Writing

I just had to share this piece from Swann's Way as I'm always fascinated by what great writers thought about their craft. Hemingway did this in many of his novels--revealed his ideas and opinions through his characters.
The scene below takes place in Proust's garden at Combray, where he is mentally commenting on a book he is reading by one of his favorite authors, Bergotte.

"And once the novelist has put us in that state, in which, as in all purely internal states, every emotion is multiplied tenfold, in which his book will disturb us as might a dream but a dream more lucid than those we have while sleeping and whose memory will last longer, then see how he provokes in us within one hour all possible happinesses and all possible unhappinesses just a few of which we would spend years of our lives coming to know and the most intense of which would never be revealed to us because the slowness with which they occur prevents us from perceiving them....." (pg. 87)

My First Attempt At Poetry

Well, here is my first crack at a short poem. I may go back and add, or change, as time marches on. Proust's stream-of-consciousness writing seemed, to me, at times ready to break out into a poem that could have easily complimented the story. Nature was always a part of the story in Swann's Way. Proust touched all five of my senses when it came to flowers, trees, and especially the sun. He had a keen eye on where light fell on the ground, how it came through a window, or how it was reflected off the wall;he spoke,too, of shadows from the sun and moon and how these were connected to the sadness in his life.
My poem starts out from a line in Swann's Way (which will be in quotes) and then my thoughts will continue from there

My Current Life

"Outdoors, too, things seemed frozen in silent attention
so as not to disturb the moonlight"
with its ribbon of light laid gently
on the water's surface.
Now the wind comes,
and the reflection of light seems to struggle
to free itself from the water's embrace.
No, it cannot.
It stays and becomes a thousand
twinkling lights on the lake.
It rides every ripple as do we
in the current of life.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

A Short Literary Bio

I am continually amazed at how much attention has been given to his life, to the extreme of having a Proust Society of America which was formed in 1998! There is a short literary bio that I found to be helpful in giving me a quick overview of his literary career. The fascination with both his personal life and his writing talent continues today. As I said in an earlier posting, I'm listening to "Swann's Way" and find myself in worlds-upon-worlds that happen when the imagination meets the "everydayness" of life.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Poetry In Proust

Proust gives me inspiration on writing poetry, so I will compose my first stanzas to be posted this week. I will begin with a line from "Swann's Way" and then delve into my own thoughts and finish it out. Would love to hear your thoughts--good and bad--on what affect it has on you.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Stream of Consciousness

Marcel Proust Posted by Hello

I am currently listening to "Swann's Way" on tape, for the second time, while I drive around in my car making calls on physicians for a living. Proust's writing makes me pay attention to how my mind wanders--how it links one seemingly unrelated thought to another. It is in the very act of thinking that I create my reality, and in "Swann's Way" I see how an entire world is created from thoughts weaving into more thoughts.

Proust is the master of "stream of consciousness" writing in my mind. His literary eye pierces the details of life like no other author for me.