This site will explore some literary background on Proust, but will mainly focus on introducing the reader to Proust's style of writing. I will relate his writing to some of the things we are learning in Hypertext Class as well as experiment with my own writing.

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This is my third year in the MAIS program at Marylhurst University and am excited to begin my thesis the fall of '05. I am the proud mother of 5-year old twins--Logan and Nikki---and have a great husband that has put up with me for 12 years.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

A Short Literary Bio

I am continually amazed at how much attention has been given to his life, to the extreme of having a Proust Society of America which was formed in 1998! There is a short literary bio that I found to be helpful in giving me a quick overview of his literary career. The fascination with both his personal life and his writing talent continues today. As I said in an earlier posting, I'm listening to "Swann's Way" and find myself in worlds-upon-worlds that happen when the imagination meets the "everydayness" of life.


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