This site will explore some literary background on Proust, but will mainly focus on introducing the reader to Proust's style of writing. I will relate his writing to some of the things we are learning in Hypertext Class as well as experiment with my own writing.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Stream of Consciousness

Marcel Proust Posted by Hello

I am currently listening to "Swann's Way" on tape, for the second time, while I drive around in my car making calls on physicians for a living. Proust's writing makes me pay attention to how my mind wanders--how it links one seemingly unrelated thought to another. It is in the very act of thinking that I create my reality, and in "Swann's Way" I see how an entire world is created from thoughts weaving into more thoughts.

Proust is the master of "stream of consciousness" writing in my mind. His literary eye pierces the details of life like no other author for me.


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Blogger johnmclain said...

What is it that you like about this author's work? A quick search (since I'm not familiar with this author's work) suggests that he "is generally regarded, on the basis of Remembrance of Things Past, as the greatest French novelist of the 20th century and pioneer of the modern novel... His style, long sentences, some of which extend to several pages in length... His Remembrance of Things Past was number 4 of the list of the top 100 gay books compiled in the USA in 1999." The source of the above quote is found at

How would his style of long sentances fit into the hypertext world?

Would hypertext enhance or distract from the experience of reading his work?

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Blogger map reader said...

I love the image of you driving around to physician's offices punctuated by listening to Proust in your car--perhaps it is the other way around. Listening to Proust punctuated by making a living. Dreamspace interrupted by reality.


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