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Monday, May 23, 2005

Non-Linearity in Hypertext

Theorists of hypertext, such as Landow say we are accustomed to thinking about time as sequence, but time is also "a patterning of interrelated experienes reflectd upon as though it had a geography and could be mapped." This thought was sent to our class in an e-mail from Meg Roland. I also found in wikipedia that Derrida felt "deconstruction emphasises the way that presentism leaves us with no more than a chain of relations." I could see Landow's ideas, as well as Derrida's thoughts on deconstruction and non-linearity come alive in this (of course long) sentence from Proust. Notice how he weaves several experiences together (a chain of relations)to give us a picture (or map) of where he was at this time in his childhood:

"Lastly, continuing to trace from the inside to the outside these states simultaneously juxtaposed in my consciousness, and before reaching the real horizon that enveloped them, I find pleasures of another kind, the pleasure of being comfortably seated, of smelling the good scent of the air, of not being disturbed by a visit; and, when an hour rang in the bell tower of Saint-Hilaire, of seeing fall piece by piece what was already consumed of the afternoon, until I heard the last stroke, which allowed me to add up the total and after which the long silence that followed it seemed to commence in the blue sky that whole part that was still granted me for reading until the good dinner which Francoise was preparing and which would restore me from the hardships I had incurred, during the reading of the book, in pursuit of its hero." (pg 89)


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