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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Proust in Hypertext?

Seems to me that I'm seeing a "link" between Proust's stream-of-consciousness writing and the Storyspace exercise we did last week. After I created "spaces" for my story, then began to draw the lines between the spaces as to which ones related to which---I thought of Proust when he wrote about having tea and a madelaine cake. The "act" of eating and drinking was in the present, but it took him back to when he used to share tea and cake with his grandmother before mass every Sunday. This thought took him back to several boyhood memories about spending the summers in Combray at his grandmother's farm.
I thought about how Proust could recreate this part of his story in "Swann's Way" in Storyspace. Actually, I would say that Proust was hypertext ready!!! His stream-of-consciousness writing is based on non-linearity, since one sentence seems to "link" to worlds of possiblities for other stories and thoughts he had in his past.

Hey all you Proust fans, what do you think of this new "view" of his literary work?


Blogger johnmclain said...

From only a small sample of Proust's work, I can see your line of thinking that he was hypertext ready. What I'm less sure that if he had today's hypertext technology available to him:

a) would he use it?

b) how would the technology affect his writing, and/or the experience of the reader.

Today's hypertexted stories seem to involve much shorter sentences than Proust used....

One sentence of Proust could include 10 to 20 links to other information, directions, and timelines.... if you are a reader prone to taking the side trips through links, you may never finish a Proust story...

Take a single page of Proust and try to write it using hypertext technology, or Storyspace. Give us an example of Virtual Proust 2005.

6:11 PM  
Blogger Pamela said...


I absolutely agree with you. Aside from sharing very similar first and last names, I am in complete accord about Proust's relationship with a hyperlink environment. When he strolls the gardens on Swann's way, he compares certain flowers to elite harem dancers. He constantly shifts his reader from world, to world, and as we both mentioned in class the other day, one could really pick up Swann's Way at nearly any juncture and read the chapters out of order.

Even though they are slightly chronological, they seem to link back and forth.

Who knows if Proust would use a tool such a Storyspace, but I feel the writers to be remembered are the ones who find original and dynamic uses of media to convey their art.

12:50 AM  

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